​Texas Hardscape Supply has a great line of products for all areas of Decorative Concrete. - Jody S

  As a decorative concrete contractor for 18 years. The material price is amazing and the ease of installations couldn't be better!!! Texas Hardscape Supply has everything a concrete contractor, decorative concrete contractors, landscapers and even your inspiring entrepreneur needs. They offer bi weekly training, consulting and delivery to Houston, San Antonio, Austin and pretty much all of Texas up to Oklahoma City. There new innovated Hardscape system is off the chart. Check out there training it'll help inspire and train your mind. They also offer renderings for your backyard dreams to everyone including contractors. This helps give the vision your customers desires. - Chris P

Great products, great service, great company. Highly recommend. -Deke W 

I just brought my crew to one of these classes. We were all amazed at the way the pieces we worked on turned out. I am fully confident that we will be turning out some beautiful work in the near future. Now just to get all my supplies ordered.

​- Bryan G.